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Showing posts from April, 2014

OneNote Binders for all! Well, one step closer, at least...

We got great news today... Microsoft Office Labs  have released an app for Sharepoint2013 that will create a OneNote notebook for your class very similar to what we use at Appleby ! The direct link to the Store is This is a great first step forward -- it brings the collaboration and planning to any teacher with access to a Sharepoint2013 server.   Our next goal is to make it work on Sharepoint Online  (it works on Sharepoint online, too!)-- and distribute it in a way that doesn't require purchase and maintenance of an online space by the teacher.   Our pitch at the 2014 Microsoft Global Forum is, piece-by-piece, slowly coming to fruition.

OneNote! "What are you waiting for Math Teachers?"

So this post is prompted by Dave Sladkey's post earlier on using Google Drive, namely Google Drive! What are you waiting for Math Teachers? Now Google Drive/Google Docs has much greater visibility than Microsoft OneNote and even though I'm a long-time GDocs/Drive user I would likely recommend the OneNote Notebook approach over the GoogleDrive.  But I realized that maybe folks didn't know how easy it was to set something up. Thus... Go to and, if you don't already have a Microsoft account, sign up for one. Click on CREATE and choose OneNote Notebook Now, you can think of a OneNote Notebook as a "Google Drive Folder".  It has Sections (like Google Drive Subfolders) and Pages (like Google Drive Files).  But these pages can contain anything.  And I mean anything.  They're like wiki pages in that you can drop text, images, links to other pages, you can embed files & videos... you name it! After you're done playing with it (and yo