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When she was bad, she was horrid...

Growing up we had a huge book of poetry in the house, and I remember reading it regularly.  One that I remember is from Longfellow ... and it applies to this situation. I have the pleasure of working with the folks at the Park City Mathematics Institute this summer. What happens is that for 2 hours in the afternoon we work together on a project. In the past, I've introduced folks to OneNote and, although it takes them about 6-8 hours to get use to the interface and environment, it usually turns out pretty well. So this year, the obvious thing was to bring Microsoft Teams into the space and leverage its capabilities.  I had used it at school with my classes and it worked out really well.  It has a slick interface, brought in some AI, connected to every bit of content you'd ever wanted... in short, at school it added a lot to the classroom. So I thought it would work really well as we worked on our project. I was wrong. So. Incredibly. Wrong. It was a disaster. A complete &