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Using Assignments in Microsoft Teams

So everything we do is in OneNote. Everything. But we (okay, me) are trying to break out into other tools and that includes Microsoft Teams and their Assignment workflow.  What I tried was this: 1) In a Word document we wrote about what they had to do and how they would be assessed. Parenthetically -- Word works GREAT with Teams! I have a Channel in our Math Department Team for our MPM2D course and we created the Word document in there and then collaboratively edited it on our own devices at our own pace. I prefer to use my desktop at home and when I opened Word, it went to Teams on its own and grabbed the file and I could continue to edit.  Nice! 2) Then I went to the TEAM for my course and created an Assignment.  Now, Teams lets you assign an Assignment to more than one section at a time, which is nice cuz I've got 3.  This got posted to their Assignments page and they were off! Okay, it was a little funny; this was the first time I had given them an Assignment throug

Back to the BreakOut

So, long story short, we have a bit of extra time in our Right-Angle Trigonometry unit, so I mentioned to my team that I would put together a BreakOut for review.  During this time, we have a lot of kids away for various reasons so having something self-paced is helpful. You can read more about creating BreakOut/EscapeRooms in OneNote on my earlier post here: Escape Room / BreakOut in OneNote - even if you don't use OneNote in your school, you could do this with a Personal OneNote.  All you have to do is create a view-only Share with your class and they can view it online!  Even on their phones! I first made a OneNote Notebook and shared it with the other members of my team. I had hoped that they would contribute but only one jumped on board and added some questions -- not upset though. There's a lot of things that happen at my school, so I just lay out breadcrumbs and see who's hungry enough to follow. In this Notebook, I created 5 Sections - each section is a "R