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The Class/Staff OneNotes in Teams - Nudging Permissions

So Microsoft Teams EDU is a new layer added to Sharepoint/Office365 to make the space workable. Sharepoint/Office365 is ridiculously powerful, but like all ridiculously powerful applications, they need mediation to make them open to the average user.  (For regular OneNote Staff Notebooks, see here:  Nudging the OneNote Staff Notebook Permissions ) When you create a new Team, you choose its type -- Classes (for, you know, classes), PLCs, Staff Members and Anyone.  For PLCs and Anyone, you just get an open OneNote Notebook without any specially permissions sections. When you choose a CLASSES or STAFF MEMBERS teams, a Class or Staff Notebook (respectively) is made with a Collaboration Space (open to all), a Content Library (read by everyone, editable by the owners) and individual private spaces for each member.  Now, I was asked if it's possible to nudge permissions on these Class/Staff Notebooks as I've done in the past. Well... yes and no. The Teams layer does its best

Teach Math Online with OneNote & Skype (& Teams) (part 2)

The first part of the story is here: Part 1 . The course I'm teaching runs every day in August, and Sept 1st.  The students return to school after Labour Day and then write their exam at the end of the week (we wanted to make sure we had a properly invigilated exam). I started the course on August 1st in Biloxi, MS, on my way back from Twitter Math Camp in Atlanta -- yes, a bit circuitous because I was on the motorcycle enjoying my holiday (Mississippi was the last of the lower 48 I had yet to visit and I was on my way to riding the Natchez Trace ).  I mention this because I wanted to make sure folks know I started teaching this course under some technical constraints.   It will be easy to look at what I normally have (below) and say "I can't do that/I don't have that" but it's clear you can do it with much less.   Being on the bike, I needed a smaller device than our school tablet and also one that (to be frank) if it got destroyed I wouldn't feel

Teaching Math Online with OneNote & Skype (part 1)

So, although I tried to avoid it, I ended up helping design and am now delivering an online course in mathematics this summer, specifically the Ontario Ministry course MPM2D (Grade 10 Academic).  Fortunately, for the design of the course, I worked with one of the most organized and creative teachers we have on staff - so that part turned out going really well.  (Part 2 of my reflection is here :  Link ) We started off with a shared OneNote so that we wouldn't have to meet face-to-face that often - as it turned out, we met three times for lunch over the month of July and that was enough (we'd worked a lot together earlier so we know each other pretty well).  We ended up breaking the course into half and she took on quadratics and I took on all the other (smaller units) -- the course is predominately parabolas followed by Linear Systems, Analytic Geometry and intro to Right Angle Trigonometry. OneNote worked really well -- she's a (relatively) new Mom so her additions w